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Gardening 101: We have shoots! (& a trip to Bloemfontein)

So I spent the first half of this week in the Judicial Capital of South Africa, the aptly named Bloemfontein. Why aptly named, you ask? Because it was bloomin’ cold, that’s why.

My week started with a five hour drive there. most of the road looks like this:

And most of the roadside views look like this:

So with a five-odd hour drive and only Daniel to keep me company (he was driving), I started counting windmills. Although, I prefer to call them by their Afrikaans name: windpompe. By the time that I reached Bloemfontein, I have manged to count 188 windpompe, 5 broken windpompe and two ostriches. Daniel, by this time, was ready to murder me, particularly because I started giving the windpompe backstories. For instance, take a look at windpomp 88:

Windpomp 88 was found in the little town of Ventersburg midst dilapidated houses, unpaved roads and inbred children. He was a lonely windmill, with no other windmills to play with. So he managed to attach himself to a house, milling away until the day his fins rust off and the water dries.

Anywho, Bloem aside. Imagine my intense happiness as we got back yesterday and those damned radishes had finally started sprouting!

And to crown it all, the herbs are looking extremely happy as well! We’ll plant them this weekend.


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