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Hey SA! Form a Stickers Tribe and get what you want cheap-cheap!

So my previous employer (sort of), Exclus1ves.co.za launched its new gamefication platform, Exclus1ves Stickers, last week and I have not been this excited for online developments since I discovered Twitter. Here’s a short explanation of how it works:

You see, now I can play around on a daily basis and earn smiley faces, what more does a internet-geek like me need? Not only that, I also get personal discount stickers that is valid for long enough that I can buy what I want, when I want it (or have money for it). But the accumulation of smileys takeĀ forever (I’ve been at this a week and I’ve only been able to ruffle up 469 stickers).

So I was thinking, why not get a couple of friends together, use some of these hard-earned stickers and collaborate on products I want? All I need is a group of 24 other people who can commit to the following:

  • Earning stickers on a regular basis (max of 30 per day)
  • a willingness to spend 10 stickers on an item that another person in the group wants

By spending a mere 10 smileys each, a group of friends can trigger a 25% discount if they get the sticker count up to 250. To get one 25% personal discount sticker, you have to save up smileys for 25 days (750 smileys). Now I don’t know about you, but I’m way too lazy and impatient to wait that long.

So I will be pestering my friends into a tribe so that we can get what we want, when we want it. Cheap cheap.



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