A place where my thoughts congregate

A blast from the past

On Saturday, 10 October 2009 a young and very naive guy launched a blog called Out of My Cave  full of hopes, dreams and ambitions. The kid got entrenched in life, making stuff up as he went along, blogging about inconsequential nonsense and some other things. At some point the kid tried his hand at becoming an author, found the road too long and hard and gave up.

Now, 2 years later to the day, a very different man sits in front of a computer screen. Oh, his name and surname is the same, but other than that, he is still someone else entirely. Looking back at that guy who started that blog I feel a kind of fondness for him, the same kind of fondness one might feel for a favourite cousin or the orphan boy at the traffic light who takes your empty coffee mug to throw away in exchange for an apple.

I spent the better part of the evening retracing my steps through the old blog, wondering whether I should just continue on there. But it felt wrong. Large parts of that blog were devoted to parts of my life that I cannot identify with anymore, parts that seem almost alien to me. So I started this new Blog. It has the same name and concept, but that’s about it.

On here I will share my inane, profane and profound thoughts. I encourage you to debate me on points you disagree with, applaud me for insights that you agree with or send me money every time you read the word “I”.

I have a couple of things lined up, including a couple of book reviews (I’ve read the most insanely good books this year); film reviews; thoughts on music and culture; thoughts on society; thoughts on religion (surefire way to get peoples’ backs up) and other more mundane things.

So hop on this train with me, and enjoy the ride!


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